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Welcome to Israel!

Welcome to the 2024 International College of Dentists European Section Annual Meeting in Jerusalem! 

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Jerusalem Skyline
Traditional Jewish, Israeli and middle Eastern food

More than an Annual Meeting.

It's a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Dear Fellows,

Get ready for the opportunity of a lifetime by participating in the 67th Annual Meeting of the International College of Dentists’ European Section in the majestic city of Jerusalem.

This unique event combines all the traditions and knowledge-sharing of our traditional annual meetings with an exceptional opportunity to immerse yourself in Israel’s fascinating culture and history. Take a journey through time as you explore Jerusalem’s ancient streets and travel amidst the stunning landscapes of northern Israel.

This meeting is a journey that guides you deeper into our profession through a blend of scientific exploration and cultural revelation. Along the way, fostering and renewing invaluable connections with like-minded colleagues.

Unique to our 2024 meeting is The Ultimate ICD – Israel Experience: Complete Meeting and Tour Package, which includes four and a half days of ICD group tours combined with the 2-day Core Meeting in one registration fee. To fully immerse yourself in this enriching experience, we recommend you arrive by Sunday, June 16, as our exciting program begins on Monday, June 17.

On behalf of Organizing Committee Co-Chair Efraim Winocur, and all the Israel and Malta District Fellows, I extend a warm welcome to Jerusalem. We eagerly await your arrival at this unforgettable fusion of tradition, exploration, and camaraderie.

See you in Jerusalem!

Dov Sydney
President, European Section

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